We are FORWARDIS: rail and multimodal freight forwarder

As an acknowledged expert in rail freight and the supply chain, FORWARDIS designs the most effective solutions tailored to your requirements and tracks your logistics, end-to-end.

As part of the complete array of available solutions, rail transport is competitive and secure and delivers energy savings and high loading capacity. Combined with other transport modes (waterways, road, sea) or independently, rail freight is a specific competitive sphere that demands wide-ranging expertise and an in-depth knowledge of all actors involved, to deliver optimum performance.

FORWARDIS focuses its activity on three principal markets (liquid bulk, solid bulk, and industrial and manufactured products) throughout Europe, offering dedicated or shared solutions to your needs.


FORWARDIS has a team of about 100 persons collectively speaking 12 languages and operates freight traffic flows throughout the European continent, from the Iberian Peninsula to Asia.


In 2015, the freight forwarders comprising FORWARDIS shipped over 10 million tons of goods.


FORWARDIS is a member of the SNCF LOGISTICS group, one of the European market leaders for goods transport.

Our Advantages

  • Know how from our experienced team
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quick reaction times
  • One supplier, one invoice, one contact
  • Time, cost and manpower saving
  • Pro-active information


Our Network

Integrated under the FORWARDIS brand, an operations hub located in France in Levallois (near Paris) is responsible for clients based in France, Italy Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Belgium.

An operations hub located in Germany with two sites in Berlin and Frankfurt is responsible for clients based in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Russia, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).