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The challenge

Since the early 2000s, Forwardis has been the industry leader in transporting yellow phosphorus from mines in Kazakhstan and Vietnam to Europe and the USA. With more than 60,000 tonnes transported each year, our expertise in transporting one of the five most traded commodities in the world is highly developed.
It's this expertise that enabled us to adapt our customer's entire logistics chain in less than six months when new regulations for this dangerous product required a switch from rail tank cars to safer tank containers.

  • An extremely reactive product

Yellow phosphorus is widely used in our everyday lives, including agricultural fertilisers, detergents, toothpaste.

However, it's a dangerous product that ignites spontaneously on contact with air and cannot be exposed to temperatures above 65 degrees C. It's extremely difficult to transport, so we take advantage of its insoluble nature to protect it from the air by immersing it in containers under a protective layer of a few tons of water.


Transporting yellow phosphorus to Europe and beyond requires knowledge of a logistics chain with many parameters, including extreme climatic conditions, strict administrative regulations, variations in track gauge, length of journey, number of railway companies involved and availability of the necessary fleet of containers, etc.

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forwardis rail international