Arrival of the Special Train “Nanchang-Paris” – 23/06/2020

Credits to: Maxime Huriez.

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The rail is back! FORWARDIS is the architect of rail-based and alternative transport solutions and THE gateway, in Europe and beyond!


On June 4th, the first train of health protection equipment, organized by FORWARDIS and COSCO SHIPPING, departed from Nanchang to Paris. After a journey of 19 days, 11’920 km traveled and 7 countries crossed, the train “Nanchang – Paris” and its 41 containers arrived at their destination this morning in Valenton (94)!

Onboard, medical and health protection equipment, especially for hospital staff uses.

FORWARDIS, as logistics architect for this project on behalf of BIFP (distributor of Hygial), thanks its many partners for this success: COSCO SHIPPING, CRCT-China Railway Container Transport, UTLC, RZD International/FELB, Captrain (Polska and Deutschland), Fret SNCF, Naviland Cargo.

This success had proven the efficiency of the rail solution compared to air freight:

  • a carrying capacity equivalent to 6 cargo planes,
  • 15 times lowercarbon footprint,
  • and a logistics cost 30 times cheaper.

This logistical and technical performance acts in favor of modal shift, and many similar projects will see the light of day.


with Nicholas GIRAUD, Sebastien VACHER and Xavier WANDERPEPEN.


Here is the complete press release (in French): Arrivée du train d’équipements de protection sanitaire ‘Nanchang-Paris’
As well as the article on the departure of the train: FORWARDIS organizes the first train of masks from China to France.


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Sales partnership between FORWARDIS and LG Cargo

Image: ©Lietuvos Gelezinkeliai

Link to the article: Sales partnership between FORWARDIS and LG Cargo.

FORWARDIS has partnered with LG Cargo, a freight transportation company owned by the largest railway group in the Baltic States, Lithuanian Railways (Lietuvos Gelezinkeliai), to expand both companies’ volume of transported freight in Europe.


Egidijus Lazauskas – the CEO of LG Cargo -, Aleksandra Röhricht, and Philippe Golder – as Managing Directors of FORWARDIS GmbH – signed the commercial representation agreement during a remote video conference.


Forwardis will act as the sales services’ agent of LG Cargo in the Central and Western Europe and try to attract new customers for the rail transports towards Lithuania and other Baltic states. We will offer rail freight transportation services in Lithuania as well as the complex rail freight forwarding in other countries on the way to or from Lithuania. As for LG Cargo, they are the biggest rail traction provider in the Baltic States.


“This is the first commercial representation agreement of LG Cargo, which will expand our sales in Europe. This is a natural step of our expansion that conforms to a long-term strategy to become more active and present in Europe. It also coincides with increasing integration of railway infrastructure projects in the West, and at the beginning of next year modernized Kaunas Railway Hub will become an essential culminating point that is to connect Kaunas Intermodal Terminal (KIT) with the European Railway Transport System Network”

Egidijus Lazauskas, CEO of LG Cargo.

“Over the last 15 years, Forwardis GmbH has been working on a big number of rail transport projects between Europe and Baltic + CIS states as well as Ukraine. Our team has big know-how of all the specifics connected with the usage of both normal and wide gauge rail system, transshipment of product at the border, change of SMGS and CIM railroad bills, issuing customs transit documentation. We are happy to develop new projects on this axis together with LG Cargo.”

Aleksandra Röhricht, Managing Director of Forwardis GmbH.

Until now LG Cargo and Forwardis cooperated by transporting oversized cargo and developed the “Amber Train” project with Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian Railway Companies.


Find here the official press release: LG Cargo signs sales partnership with Forwardis.


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Our ForwardNet is expanding!

Continuing extension of the ForwardNet with the start of a new line connecting the Netherlands with Germany on 8.06.2020!


ForwardNet – our Alternative Single Wagon Networkhas been extended with a new line connecting the area of “Sittard – Geleen – Born” in the Netherlands, with Cologne with up to 5 roundtrips a week.

  • Start in Geleen every Mon-Fri at 7 p.m.
  • Arrival in Cologne: Tue-Sat at 2 a.m.

Wagons coming from the Netherlands can connect in Cologne with other ForwardNet trains from/to France, but also to other networks, enabling connection to all the chemical clusters in the Ruhr area and even to Eastern Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia or Austria.


Additionally: The frequency of ForwardNet line “Rheinkamp – Cologne – Woippy” will increase from 6 to 9 roundtrips a week to cope with additional volume from the new line.


The continuous expansion of the ForwardNet shows the willingness of Forwardis to bring fresh and innovative solutions for the transportation needs of our customers in the single-wagon sector.


Check our new ForwardNet Map.


For more information about our ForwardNet, you can contact Sylvia Knobloch (sylvia.knobloch@forwardis.com) or Pierre Gouy (pierre.gouy@forwardis.com).


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FORWARDIS launches its new river shuttle “FLUVIALIS”!

Link to this article: FORWARDIS launches its new river shuttle “FLUVIALIS“!.


With its barging partners, all GMP+certified, FORWARDIS offers a new river shuttle service for stakeholders and storage organizations of the grains industry. This new shuttle will provide reliable and optimized river service to the various silos in the Seine Valley, Rouen or Lillebonne, from Picardy, Ile-de-France, Champagne or northern Burgundy regions.


FLUVIALIS will be carried out by our dedicated river team, with its portfolio of 1,500 barging providers, who charter more than 750,000 tonnes of grain each year.


For more information, do not hesitate to contact Grégory MICHAUX (gregory.michaux@forwardis.com) or David LE FLOCH (david.le-floch@forwardis.com) who will respond to your requests.


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FORWARDIS organizes the first train of masks from China to France

This Thursday, June 4, 2020, a train of 41 wagons left Nanchang central station (China) for a journey of 11,920 kilometers through 7 countries, in the direction of Paris. This is the first time that such a train will have completed this route. After 20 days of travel, he will deliver his cargo, which contains in its 35 containers, 40 million surgical masks, equipment for hospital staff, gloves, water-soluble bags, contactless gel dispensers, etc., on behalf of BIFP.


BIFP, a distributor of the Hygial brand, has already sent more than 100 million masks and 40 million materials (gowns, Medakit serological test, gloves, etc.) for the use of caregivers since March 15, thanks to the charter of 12 cargo planes departing from China. The Savoyard company was, however, looking for a more environmentally friendly means of transport for its future orders. For its part, Forwardis, which is already present in Eurasian traffics, has committed to ensuring the connection from Nanchang to Paris in 20 days.


The rail solution is more efficient in terms of costs and carrying capacity. With the equivalent of six cargo planes in a single train, the cost of rail transport is 30 times cheaper than that of air transport for a mask (€ 0.01), which has a favorable effect on its selling price. And in environmental terms, the train’s carbon footprint is 15 times less than that of the plane (source : EcoTransit). As an indication, the duration of the train journey is approximately half the one by ship.


The choice of Nanchang as the departure city was motivated by its proximity to equipment suppliers, the presence of the main hub of the Cosco Shipping Group, partner of the project, and the desire of the province of Jiangxi, where Nanchang is located, to favor the operation. Cosco Shipping will run the convoy to the border with Kazakhstan. From there and up to Paris, the Forwardis teams will take charge of it.


At the end of the journey, part of the cargo entirely intended for hospitals and communities will be distributed in Ile-de-France, the rest being transported to the Auvergne-Rhône Alpes region. More trains are expected to follow in the coming weeks.


Find the full press release here (in French): Forwardis organise le premier train de masques depuis la Chine.


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Campaign “Committed Together”

End of April, under the momentum and initiative of Forwardis, we decided, in partnership with the companies of the SNCF Group and our rail, road and barging partners, to launch a participative communication campaign on our social networks, entitled “Committed Together” with the healthcare staff.


This communication operation, open to all, had as its common thread the recognition of rail freight transport staff vis-à-vis the healthcare staff as well as all the actors on the second line, and our pride in supporting them since the beginning of the health crisis, through our supply trains of essential products to the fight against the virus and to the daily life of our fellow citizens.


To participate to this campaign, people just had to:

  1. Take a white cloth (armband, flag, headband, t-shirt, sheets, etc.) or a white paper with one of the following messages: #CommittedForYou #MyTrainForYou #RailFreightWithYou
  2. Take a picture of yourself with your white fabric at your workplace (even at home office)
  3. Share your amazing picture on social networks with one or several of the following hashtags (#):
    • #ForwardisInWhite / #CommittedTogether / #RailFreightMobilized / #RailFreightWithYou / #CommittedForYou / #MyTrainForYou / #AllMobilized


Thank you all for participating in this campaign of support to all caregivers and all second line professions such as all players in the transport of goods.
Thank you for your commitment!


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Successful Participation of Forwardis on the 7th International Transport & Logistics Exhibition in Warsaw from November 5 – 7th 2019

Successful Participation of Forwardis on the 7th International Transport & Logistics Exhibition in Warsaw from November 5 – 7th 2019


TransLogistica Poland is the biggest in CEE business event for everyone professionally associated with transport, freight forwarding and logistics, as well as for all producers and distributors who use or seek for transport and logistics services.


Forwardis is one of the 280 exhibitors, and the reception of visitors was very positive.


We’re eager to meet you soon again!


Find more news about Forwardis on our LinkedIn page Forwardis and Twitter @forwardisgroup.


Forwardis signs Logistics Digital Transformation program with Ramco Systems

Forwardis announced the signing of a major ERP Transformation program with next-gen enterprise cloud software specialist, Ramco Systems for implementation of Ramco’s Logistics Suite across all the entities of Forwardis Group. This marks Ramco’s entry into the European Logistics industry. In line with <strongµ>Forwardis’ vision to become the gateway offering the best sustainable and green logistics, the company has embarked on IT modernization program with Ramco. </strongµ>

Rail Freight Forwarding is a challenging business which involves planning and managing operations spread across multiple stakeholders while delivering profitable operations. Ramco’s comprehensive Logistics Suite will replace the existing in-house applications to offer a truly modern and future-ready enterprise application that connects customers, suppliers and users on a unified platform. The new application will help bring much-needed transparency and operational visibility across customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, all on this unified platform.

We imagine bringing to our clients the most value out of the multiple possibilities offered by the rail freight world and beyond. With this vision in mind, we were seeking the IT tools which would support this vision. We began by drawing a list of 110 potential providers and selected RAMCO at the end as we were convinced their solution best fits our current and future needs. It will support our highly qualified people to design quickly the best solution available on the market according to the requirements of our customers who will also get a real benefit during operation. By connecting to Forwardis gateway, our customers will be connected to the rail freight world and get all the relevant information they need regarding their shipment or their wagons whatever transport mode they will use, whatever Railway Undertaking or Shipper will transport their goods, and whatever the owner of the wagon or the container” said Philippe Golder, Managing Director of Forwardis Germany, in Charge of IT Transformation for the Group.

Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems, stated, “From the start of our discussion we could understand that Forwardis had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve – to bring rail freight forwarding on the technological edge. We presented our domain capability with next-gen innovative levers such as Bots, AI / ML, Mobility and Optimization to help bring their vision into reality. We are excited to start our Logistics journey in Europe with a prestigious win in Forwardis, which is part of the SNCF, France’s national state-owned railway company.”.

Forwardis is expected to Go-Live on the new system by the first semester of 2020.

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UTLC und Forwardis unterzeichnen ein Kooperationsabkommen (Memorandum of Understanding) für die Beförderung von Containers zwischen Europa und China

Die Firma JSC «United Transport and Logistics Company» (UTLC) – eine Joint-Venture-Gesellschaft der JSC «Russische Eisenbahnen», des Staatsunternehmens «Weißrussische Eisenbahnen» und des Staatsunternehmens JSC «Kazakhstan Temir Zholy» – hat zusammen mit Forwardis – einem Tochterunternehmen der SNCF Logistics – eine Absichtserklärung für den Containertransport auf der Schiene zwischen Europa und China unterzeichnet.


Beide Unternehmen haben die Absicht, die Zusammenarbeit zum Transport von Containern auf der Schiene zwischen China und Europa über die Schienennetze von Kasachstan, Russland und Weißrussland aufzunehmen.


Paris, 14. November 2017.


Am 14. November 2017 fand in Paris die Unterzeichnung einer Absichtserklärung über die strategische Zusammenarbeit zwischen JSC «United Transport and Logistics Company» (UTLC) – einer Tochtergesellschaft der JSC «Russische Eisenbahnen», des Staatsunternehmens «Weißrussische Eisenbahnen» und des Staatsunternehmens JSC «Kazakhstan Temir Zholy» – sowie Forwardis – einem Tochterunternehmen der SNCF Logistics – statt. Das Dokument wurde von Alexej Grom, Geschäftsführer von UTLC, sowie Edouard Laverny, Generaldirektor des Speditionsbereichs von “Forwardis”, für den Geschäftsbereich „Bahnfracht und multimodaler Transport“ der SNCF unterzeichnet.


Die genannten Unternehmen werden im Bereich des multimodalen Transports zwischen Europa und China zusammenarbeiten und ihren Kunden eine zuverlässige, umfassende und wettbewerbsfähige Dienstleistungspalette anbieten. Diese Vereinbarung fügt sich in die Entwicklung von Partnerschaften zwischen den Russischen Eisenbahnen (RZD) und den Französischen Staatsbahnen (SNCF-Gruppe) ein und zielt im breiteren Rahmen auf die Entwicklung eurasischer Güterverkehrskorridore ab.


Nach dieser Absichtserklärung wird die UTLC ihre Dienste zwischen Dostyk (Kasachstan) und Brest (Weißrussland) auf dem Schienennetz mit 1520 mm Spurweite anbieten, während Forwardis für die Operationen innerhalb der Mitgliedstaaten der Europäischen Union verantwortlich ist.


Diese Zusammenarbeit wird eine Plattform für den Informationsaustausch im Bereich der Logistik und des internationalen Handels bereitstellen, weitere Projekte für Containerzüge im eurasischen Streckennetz erarbeiten und gemeinsame Marketingaktionen für dieses Projekt entwickeln und umsetzen.




Das Unternehmen United Transport and Logistics Company (JSC UTLC) wurde am 13. November 2014 registriert. Gesellschafter sind die Russischen Staatsbahnen JSC, das Staatsunternehmen der Weißrussischen Eisenbahnen und die kasachische Eisenbahngesellschaft „Kazakhstan Temir Zholy“.


Der Umfang des Transitverkehrs zwischen Asien und Europa durch die Staatsgebiete von Kasachstan, Russland und Weißrussland mit den von der JSC “United Freight Logistics Company” (JSC “UTLC”) betriebenen intermodalen Zügen überschritt im Jahre 2016 100.000 TEU (Äquivalent eines 20-Fuß-Containers) und war damit mehr als doppelt so hoch wie im Jahr 2015, als 47.400 TEU transportiert wurden.


Im Jahre 2017 verzeichnete die UTLC einen stetig weiter ansteigenden Transit über das Schienennetz mit der Spurweite von 1520 mm – das Volumen der Transporte der JSC United Transport and Logistics Company (JSC UTLC) auf deren Hauptstrecken U-WEST (Dostyk/Altynkol-Brest) und U-OST (Brest-Dostyk/Altynkol) belief sich im Zeitraum von Januar bis September auf bereits 118.500 TEU. Dies bedeutet bisher 84% mehr Transporte als im gleichen Zeitraum des Jahres 2016, in dem bereits 64.400 TEU befördert wurden.


Über Forwardis


Forwardis ist ein führender Spediteur in Europa, der sich auf Massengut-Logistik (Flüssiggüter, Schüttgut, feste Massengüter und Stückgut) spezialisiert. Das Unternehmen ist ebenfalls im Containerverkehr aktiv und dank seiner Erfahrungen in der internationalen Logistik auf der Schiene in der Lage, verschiedene Beförderungsarten (Schiene, Binnenschifffahrt, Straßentransport und intermodale Beförderung) mit einander zu verbinden. Forwardis entstand im Jahre 2016 aus der Verschmelzung der historischen Aktivitäten der ehemaligen Speditionen Ecorail, Ermechem, Ermefret, Captrain Solutions und Captrain UK.


Forwardis profitiert von den langjährigen Erfahrungen im internationalen Massenguttransport und seinem starken Knowhow dank unseres erfahrenen Teams aus Fachleuten mit umfangreichem Wissen über die einzelnen Beförderungsarten und die spezifischen Branchenanforderungen. Unsere Fähigkeit zur Verbindung unterschiedlicher Beförderungsarten und Anbieter stellt den Kern unserer Kompetenzen dar. Mit unseren Betriebs- und Vertriebszentren in Paris, Frankfurt, Berlin und London sowie unserem Team aus etwa 100 Mitarbeitern (die Insgesamt 16 Sprachen sprechen) sind wir in der Lage, einen stetigen Güterfluss auf dem gesamten europäischen Kontinent von der iberischen Halbinsel bis nach Asien zu gewährleisten.


Ansprechpartner für die Presse:



Leiterin der PR-Abteilung


Tel.: +7 495 9959591

Mobil: +7 926 5767226


Herr François CORVEZ

Leiter Marketing und Geschäftsentwicklung


Tel.: +33 1 85 64 17 96

Mobil: +33 6 87 68 51 24




FORWARDNET, your alternative for single wagons!

Forwardnet is a new setup rail network for single wagons with door – to door lead time commitment between the French stations and any location in Ruhr-area/Scandinavia/East Germany/ Poland and South-East of Europe.


France Express

Duisburg - Cologne - Woippy (6 roundtrips per week) with quick connection to MLMC (SNCF single wagon system) in France


2 hubs, Cologne Eifeltor and Duisburg Wedau with quick connection to / from:

- Numerous stations in Ruhr area

- Scandinavia (8 trains per week)

- East Germany and Poland (3 trains per week)

- South-Eastern Europe (3 to 5 trains per week)

- Antwerp, Rotterdam (5 trains per week)


A solution for spot block trains can also be designed within FORWARDNET.


Your advantages :

- track & tracing all along the way (door to door) – customized information sent automatically to you

- possible booking of slots for your wagons into our train + automatically into the MLMC (SNCF single wagon system) for a prioritization in France

- monthly quality reports regarding your shipments and quality improvements plan


For more info contact us:


tel. +49 69 24 00 23 17


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