FORWARDNET, your alternative for single wagons!


Forwardnet is a new setup rail network for single wagons with door – to door lead time commitment between the French stations and any location in Ruhr-area/Scandinavia/East Germany/ Poland and South-East of Europe.


France Express

Duisburg - Cologne - Woippy (6 roundtrips per week) with quick connection to MLMC (SNCF single wagon system) in France


2 hubs, Cologne Eifeltor and Duisburg Wedau with quick connection to / from:

- Numerous stations in Ruhr area

- Scandinavia (8 trains per week)

- East Germany and Poland (3 trains per week)

- South-Eastern Europe (3 to 5 trains per week)

- Antwerp, Rotterdam (5 trains per week)


A solution for spot block trains can also be designed within FORWARDNET.


Your advantages :

- track & tracing all along the way (door to door) – customized information sent automatically to you

- possible booking of slots for your wagons into our train + automatically into the MLMC (SNCF single wagon system) for a prioritization in France

- monthly quality reports regarding your shipments and quality improvements plan


For more info contact us:

tel. +49 69 24 00 23 17




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