UTLC and Forwardis conclude a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) for the transport of containers by rail, between Europe and China


JSC «United Transport and Logistics Company» (UTLC) – branch of JSC «Russian Railways», the National Union «Belarusian Railway» and JSC « National Company «Kazakhstan Temir Zholy» – and Forwardis – a company belonging to SNCF Logistics, concluded a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) for the transport of containers by rail between Europe and China.


Both companies have the intention to develop a cooperation to transport containers by rail between China and Europe, passing through the railway networks of Kazakhstan, Russia, and Belarus.


Paris, November 14th, 2017.


On November 14th, 2017, was held in Paris, the signature of a MoU for the strategic cooperation between JSC «United Transport and Logistics Company» (UTLC) – branch of JSC «Russian Railways», the National Union Belarusian Railway and JSC «National Company «Kazakhstan Temir Zholy» – and Forwardis, belonging to SNCF Logistics. The document was signed by Alexey Grom, CEO of UTLC, and Edouard Laverny, General Director of the freight forwarding activities “Forwardis” for the SNCF business unit “Rail Freight and Multimodal Transportation”.


The stakeholders will cooperate in the field of intermodal transportation between Europe and China, by offering to their clients a steady, complete and competitive range of services. This agreement fits in as well with developments of partnerships between Russian Railways Group (RZD Group) and French National Railways Group (SNCF Group), and, from a broader perspective, aims to develop Eurasian freight corridors.


According to this MoU, UTLC will provide its services between Dostyk (Kazakhstan) and Brest (Belarus), along the 1520 mm gauge rail network, while Forwardis will be in charge of the operations within the European Union states.


The collaboration provides for a platform for information exchanges in the field of logistics and international trade, further development projects regarding container trains on the Eurasian network, as well as developing and implementing joint marketing actions for this project.


About UTLC


United Transport and Logistics Company (JSC UTLC) was registered on November 13, 2014. Its shareholders are JSC Russian Railways, the National Union Belarusian Railway and JSC National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy.


The volume of transit traffic in connection between Asia and Europe through the territories of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus by intermodal trains operated by JSC “United freight logistics company” (JSC “UTLC”) in 2016 exceeded 100 thousand TEU (equivalent to twenty-foot unit) and more than twice exceeded the 2015 figure when 47.4 thousand TEU were transported.


For 2017, UTLC has registered a steady growing transit along the 1520 mm gauge corridors – the volume of transportation of JSC United Transport and Logistics Company / JSC UTLC / on its basic services U-WEST (Dostyk/Altynkol-Brest) and U-EAST (Brest-Dostyk/Altynkol) for the January-September period amounted to 118.5 thousand TEU. This represents so far 84% more volume than for the same period in 2016 when already 64.4 thousand TEU were transported.


About Forwardis


Forwardis is a leading freight forwarder in Europe specialized in bulk logistics (liquid bulk, dry bulk, solid bulk and breakbulk). Also acting on container transport, thanks to its expertise in international rail logistics, Forwardis operates and combines different transport modes (rail, waterway, road and multimodal). Forwardis, born in 2016, resulted from the merging of the historical activities of former freight forwarding companies Ecorail, Ermechem, Ermefret, Captrain Solutions, and Captrain UK.


Forwardis benefits from a long-lasting experience in international bulk transport operations and a strong know-how thanks to our team of specialists, both mastering transport modes and specific industrial knowledge. Our capacity to assemble different transport modes and providers represent the core of our expertise. With our operational and sales hubs located in Paris, Frankfurt, Berlin, and London, as well as our team of about 100 employees (collectively speaking 16 languages), Forwardis is able to manage consistent flows throughout the European continent, from the Iberian Peninsula to Asia.


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