Forwardis, fully mobilized during the SNCF-strike!


Even if the current social situation and strikes, affecting the railway sector, are limiting the access to the railway infrastructure in France, all employees of Forwardis have done and keep doing their utmost to strongly support as much as possible our customers.

Every day we are spending all our energy and time to adjust the planning and re-schedule their shipments. Forwardis has deployed now 3’200 railcars in France and abroad to ensure their supply chain keeps running, even at a slower pace for some of them.

To cope with the strikes, we focus on maximizing the trainloads opportunities offered to us when some railway lines remain open or when infrastructure reopens temporarily after a strike period. This is only possible thanks to our deep understanding on how rail freight operations work and can resume, a very close collaboration and information sharing between Forwardis and all the railway undertakings, and even with the infrastructure manager SNCF Réseau on some critical industrial issues.

Despite the very difficult period shippers and their suppliers are experiencing, Forwardis keeps on believing there is a future for rail freight in France and fighting for promoting the modal shift!


Find more news about Forwardis on our LinkedIn page Forwardis and our Twitter account @forwardisgroup.

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