Forwardis signs Logistics Digital Transformation program with Ramco Systems


Forwardis announced the signing of a major ERP Transformation program with next-gen enterprise cloud software specialist, Ramco Systems for implementation of Ramco’s Logistics Suite across all the entities of Forwardis Group. This marks Ramco’s entry into the European Logistics industry. In line with <strongµ>Forwardis’ vision to become the gateway offering the best sustainable and green logistics, the company has embarked on IT modernization program with Ramco. </strongµ>


Rail Freight Forwarding is a challenging business which involves planning and managing operations spread across multiple stakeholders while delivering profitable operations. Ramco’s comprehensive Logistics Suite will replace the existing in-house applications to offer a truly modern and future-ready enterprise application that connects customers, suppliers and users on a unified platform. The new application will help bring much-needed transparency and operational visibility across customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, all on this unified platform.


We imagine bringing to our clients the most value out of the multiple possibilities offered by the rail freight world and beyond. With this vision in mind, we were seeking the IT tools which would support this vision. We began by drawing a list of 110 potential providers and selected RAMCO at the end as we were convinced their solution best fits our current and future needs. It will support our highly qualified people to design quickly the best solution available on the market according to the requirements of our customers who will also get a real benefit during operation. By connecting to Forwardis gateway, our customers will be connected to the rail freight world and get all the relevant information they need regarding their shipment or their wagons whatever transport mode they will use, whatever Railway Undertaking or Shipper will transport their goods, and whatever the owner of the wagon or the container” said Philippe Golder, Managing Director of Forwardis Germany, in Charge of IT Transformation for the Group.


Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems, stated, “From the start of our discussion we could understand that Forwardis had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve – to bring rail freight forwarding on the technological edge. We presented our domain capability with next-gen innovative levers such as Bots, AI / ML, Mobility and Optimization to help bring their vision into reality. We are excited to start our Logistics journey in Europe with a prestigious win in Forwardis, which is part of the SNCF, France’s national state-owned railway company.”.


Forwardis is expected to Go-Live on the new system by the first semester of 2020.

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