A new logistic solution

Forwardis is proud to unveil its latest logistic solution for the transportation of RDF waste bales from Istres to Sweden. The solution has been specifically designed for our customer EFO, and is tailored to meet their specific requirements.

The waste is transported via truck (CSL Logistique) from Istres (waste sorting and baling facility) to Fos, where it is transloaded into wagons. The wagons are then transported to Sweden via rail. The shipments are being organized by Forwardis, on behalf of their customer, EFO AB.

We are partnering for the rail part with FRET SNCF (Fos - Perpignan) and Scandfibre (Perpignan - Sweden).

The waste bales are sent to a state-of-the-art waste processing facility in Sweden. The facility is equipped with the technology for waste-to-energy conversion, making it an ideal destination for the waste coming from south of France.

The transport of these wastes units are carried out in compliance with all applicable regulations and standards for the safe and responsible handling of waste.

We thank EFO AB for their trust on this project.