End of April, under the momentum and initiative of Forwardis, we decided, in partnership with the companies of the SNCF Group and our rail, road and barging partners, to launch a participative
communication campaign on our social networks, entitled “Committed Together” with the healthcare staff.

This communication operation, open to all, had as its common thread the recognition of rail freight transport staff vis-à-vis the healthcare staff as well as all the actors on the second line, and our pride
in supporting them since the beginning of the health crisis, through our supply trains of essential products to the fight against the virus and to the daily life of our fellow citizens.

To participate to this campaign, people just had to:

  • Take a white cloth (armband, flag, headband, t-shirt, sheets, etc.) or a white paper with one of the following messages: #CommittedForYou #MyTrainForYou #RailFreightWithYou
  • Take a picture of yourself with your white fabric at your workplace (even at home office)
  • Share your amazing picture on social networks with one or several of the following hashtags (#): #ForwardisInWhite / #CommittedTogether / #RailFreightMobilized / #RailFreightWithYou / #CommittedForYou / #MyTrainForYou / #AllMobilized

Thank you all for participating in this campaign of support to all caregivers and all second line professions such as all players in the transport of goods.

Thank you for your commitment!

Campaign Committed Together forwardis