In her interview for the “Chemia i Biznes” newspaper, Aleksandra Röhricht, our Deputy CEO, explains Forwardis’ activity and services provided by organizing “rail and intermodal transport for the chemical industry and fuel [sector].”

She introduces the advantages of the railway as freight transport mode, compared to road transport:

  • Less carbon gas emission
  • Fewer accidents on the roads
  • Relevant for transporting heavy goods
  • Relevant for transporting on long distances

However, the European railway sector faces many challenges like for example the difference in rail width between Europe and the countries of the former Soviet Union, the possible “traffic jams” when passing through single/twin border crossing points, or the necessity of reloading from truck to the railroad car when there is no rail siding at customers’ picking point and/or delivering point.

Aleksandra affirms that, while deciding on a logistic solution, “it is fundamental to take into account the weight of the goods transported, the distance to the destination, and the environmental performance.

Regarding the Polish market, the opportunities are numerous as its railway sector is mature, liberalized (many private railway undertakings), and has a big number of intermodal terminals.

As for Forwardis’ mission, we simplify our clients’ life, improve their rail supply chain, reduce indirect costs, and optimize their wagon fleet management; by combining multiple partners to provide the best solution for our customers.

The biggest advantage of using a railway freight forwarder is that you DON’T LIMIT yourself to the possibilities of one railway company but get access to ALL THE MULTIPLE POSSIBILITIES of the railway market. Forwardis is your gate and chooses the best, most optimal combination.

For more information about Forwardis’ activity and opportunities in Poland, please contact Aleksandra Röhricht ( or Renata Stola (

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