Aleksandra Röhricht and Shanshan Dang will be attending the highly anticipated EUROPEASIA INTERMODAL LOGISTICS 2024: NEW SILK WAY SHAPING event in Rotterdam, Netherlands, on May 30 and 31!

This event will bring together the leading figures in European and Eurasian logistics. Held at the Hilton Rotterdam hotel, key discussions will focus on:

👉 The current state and future trends of European intermodal logistics.

The impact of global economic changes on European trade patterns

👉 The sustainable development of European seaports

👉 Emerging markets and new trade routes in the Europe-Asia corridor

… and much more!

Don’t miss the chance to meet Aleksandra and Shanshan. To schedule a meeting with them, contact Adélaïde Simon de Bessac directly on LinkedIn or by email : adelaide.simondebessac@forwardis.com

We look forward to hearing from you. 😀