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UTLC and Forwardis conclude a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) for the transport of containers by rail, between Europe and China

JSC «United Transport and Logistics Company» (UTLC) – branch of JSC «Russian Railways», the National Union «Belarusian Railway» and JSC « National Company «Kazakhstan Temir Zholy» – and Forwardis – a company belonging to SNCF Logistics, concluded a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) for the transport of containers by rail between Europe and China.


Both companies have the intention to develop a cooperation to transport containers by rail between China and Europe, passing through the railway networks of Kazakhstan, Russia, and Belarus.


Paris, November 14th, 2017.


On November 14th, 2017, was held in Paris, the signature of a MoU for the strategic cooperation between JSC «United Transport and Logistics Company» (UTLC) – branch of JSC «Russian Railways», the National Union Belarusian Railway and JSC «National Company «Kazakhstan Temir Zholy» – and Forwardis, belonging to SNCF Logistics. The document was signed by Alexey Grom, CEO of UTLC, and Edouard Laverny, General Director of the freight forwarding activities “Forwardis” for the SNCF business unit “Rail Freight and Multimodal Transportation”.


The stakeholders will cooperate in the field of intermodal transportation between Europe and China, by offering to their clients a steady, complete and competitive range of services. This agreement fits in as well with developments of partnerships between Russian Railways Group (RZD Group) and French National Railways Group (SNCF Group), and, from a broader perspective, aims to develop Eurasian freight corridors.


According to this MoU, UTLC will provide its services between Dostyk (Kazakhstan) and Brest (Belarus), along the 1520 mm gauge rail network, while Forwardis will be in charge of the operations within the European Union states.


The collaboration provides for a platform for information exchanges in the field of logistics and international trade, further development projects regarding container trains on the Eurasian network, as well as developing and implementing joint marketing actions for this project.


About UTLC


United Transport and Logistics Company (JSC UTLC) was registered on November 13, 2014. Its shareholders are JSC Russian Railways, the National Union Belarusian Railway and JSC National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy.


The volume of transit traffic in connection between Asia and Europe through the territories of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus by intermodal trains operated by JSC “United freight logistics company” (JSC “UTLC”) in 2016 exceeded 100 thousand TEU (equivalent to twenty-foot unit) and more than twice exceeded the 2015 figure when 47.4 thousand TEU were transported.


For 2017, UTLC has registered a steady growing transit along the 1520 mm gauge corridors – the volume of transportation of JSC United Transport and Logistics Company / JSC UTLC / on its basic services U-WEST (Dostyk/Altynkol-Brest) and U-EAST (Brest-Dostyk/Altynkol) for the January-September period amounted to 118.5 thousand TEU. This represents so far 84% more volume than for the same period in 2016 when already 64.4 thousand TEU were transported.


About Forwardis


Forwardis is a leading freight forwarder in Europe specialized in bulk logistics (liquid bulk, dry bulk, solid bulk and breakbulk). Also acting on container transport, thanks to its expertise in international rail logistics, Forwardis operates and combines different transport modes (rail, waterway, road and multimodal). Forwardis, born in 2016, resulted from the merging of the historical activities of former freight forwarding companies Ecorail, Ermechem, Ermefret, Captrain Solutions, and Captrain UK.


Forwardis benefits from a long-lasting experience in international bulk transport operations and a strong know-how thanks to our team of specialists, both mastering transport modes and specific industrial knowledge. Our capacity to assemble different transport modes and providers represent the core of our expertise. With our operational and sales hubs located in Paris, Frankfurt, Berlin, and London, as well as our team of about 100 employees (collectively speaking 16 languages), Forwardis is able to manage consistent flows throughout the European continent, from the Iberian Peninsula to Asia.


Press contacts:



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Tel : +7 495 9959591

Mobile : +7 926 5767226


M. François CORVEZ

Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer


Tel : +33 1 85 64 17 96

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FORWARDIS, at the next Riverdating event in Paris!

FORWARDIS will attend the next Riverdating event, on November 29th and 30th in Paris!

The business event dedicated to innovative inland waterway and multimodal transport solutions, with Voies navigables de France.

One of the strengths of Forwardis leads in the fact that we have more than one string to our bow. Our waterway expertise gives us various alternative solutions as a forwarder, to make our customers' goods reach its final destination on time. Certified under ISO 22 000 and GMP+, our waterway logistics services are definitely a growing pillar of our business, and we hope you'll be part of it!

Share your opinion or your participation to the Riverdating event with us, on LinkedIn ou !

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FORWARDNET 2017, your alternative for single wagons!

Forwardnet is a new setup rail network for single wagons with door – to door lead time commitment between the French stations and any location in Ruhr-area/Scandinavia/East Germany/ Poland and South-East of Europe.


France Express

Duisburg - Cologne - Woippy (6 roundtrips per week) with quick connection to MLMC (SNCF single wagon system) in France


2 hubs, Cologne Eifeltor and Duisburg Wedau with quick connection to / from:

- Numerous stations in Ruhr area

- Scandinavia (8 trains per week)

- East Germany and Poland (3 trains per week)

- South-Eastern Europe (3 to 5 trains per week)

- Antwerp, Rotterdam (5 trains per week)


A solution for spot block trains can also be designed within FORWARDNET.


Your advantages :

- track & tracing all along the way (door to door) – customized information sent automatically to you

- possible booking of slots for your wagons into our train + automatically into the MLMC (SNCF single wagon system) for a prioritization in France

- monthly quality reports regarding your shipments and quality improvements plan


For more info contact us:


tel. +49 69 24 00 23 17




lang: en_US


FORWARDIS, an European leader in grain transport


Grain traffics represent almost 40% of Forwardis’ activity. Given its ISO22000 and GMP+ certification, this freight forwarder is positioned as an European leader for these traffics. In order to increase its development, it recently established an international dedicated team to help its clients with their development. This team aims at desiging and implementing end-to-end solutions to meet the clients’ needs regarding the whole agribusiness sector.


  • Forwardis handles up to 3 millions tons of grains each year using 4 modes :

Railway : It is Forwardis major activity. 2000 trains are chartered each year, from French silos to several harbours, from France to Italy via the Modane pass or Switzerland (15 trains weekly), to Germany, Belgium or the Netherlands. It also helps its clients vary their sourcing, namely departing from Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic as well as other countries of central and oriental Europe.

Rail/road combined transport : Nowadays mostly between France and Italy (almost 1500 swap bodies dispatched in 2015).

Fluvial/waterway : All national river basins (Seine, Northern Canal, Moselle, Rhine, Danube, Rhone) are served, up to 750 000 tons per year).

Road : Forwardis also deals with road haulage, as an upstream or downstream complement to bulk transport.


  • Forwardis helps its clients exporting :

Forwardis dispatches grains for export to Africa and Asia via large port hubs, namely Rouen, Dunkirk,… Forwardis is also active with land ports.


  • Forwardis helps grains actors in their development :

Forwardis monitors and looks after the execution of its clients shipments and takes full responsibility for them right up to their final destination. A single contact is at the client’s disposal to guarantee service quality throughout the relationship. Forwardis’s tracking & tracing services ensure full traceability of its clients’ cargo all along the whole transport chain.

Forwardis’s ambition is to increase its abilities and its international services offers. Therefore a dedicated committee has been created. A team of 5 members fluent in main European languages, led by Forwardis SA’s sales manager Sébastien Vacher, is in charge to design solutions able to cover all major European flows.




Forwardis’ international teams roll out inovative rail / road solutions allowing its clients to obtain economies of scale and CO2 to ship sugar to Spain, Italy, Belgium or Switzerland. That way, Forwardis has ensured a haulage of 400.000 tons of sugar in 2015 for its clients. Edible liquids (biofuel oil, alcohol and wine) are shipped over to Germany, Belgium, Italy, and even over to Russia.



Sébastien Vacher manages a team of 5 members in charge of international development. As he has been a goods transport specialist for 15 years, he explains : « the need to adopt a chameleon like behaviour : we need to adapt ourselves, we back up our clients’ projects, we do everything and beyond to come up with the right solutions. ».




A single entity for the rail freight forwarding activities of SNCF Logistics

1st of January 2016 has seen the arrival of FORWARDIS, the new entity of the SNCF Logistics group, which combines five rail freight forwarding subsidiaries: Ecorail, Ermechem, Ermefret, Captrain Solutions and Captrain UK.

This entity aims to offer simpler access to rail, finding the best solutions in continental Europe and managing all resources for the delivery of end-to-end transport services.

Building on over 15 years of experience of its transportation consulting, engineering and organisation teams, FORWARDIS will be developing tailor-made logistics solutions for industrial companies.

Thanks to the expertise of rail operators, railcar rental, and river and maritime as well as road charterers, FORWARDIS will enhance and expand the services and added value it offers its customers, creating a major new player covering the whole of the European continent, and stretching out as far as Asia.

With annual revenues of more than €200 million and about 100 employees, FORWARDIS operates in three main markets: liquid bulk and hazardous materials (chemicals, gas, petroleum products, etc.), dry bulk (agricultural and construction products, waste, etc.) and industrial and manufactured goods.

Offering 100% rail services (block trains, wagon load or isolated wagon), or multimodal offers with responsibility that can be expanded to include the entire supply chain (river transport, road, freight handling, containers, goods wagon management, administrative and customs formalities, etc.) FORWARDIS can rely on the expertise and efficiency of its group entities to develop ever more reliable solutions and facilitate the shift towards more environmentally effective modes of transport.

This entity networks with and is supported by:

  • Its Paris-based headquarters, FORWARDIS SA, created from the merger of Ecorail and Ermechem and responsible for customers in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, with the support of FORWARDIS UK in London;
  • FORWARDIS GmbH in Berlin, formed by the merger of Ermefret and Captrain Solutions and responsible for customers in Germany, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Austria, Eastern Europe and the CIS, Russia and the Balkans.

Édouard Laverny, General Manager FORWARDIS Europe, coordinates the business of the entities along with their respective managers: Aleksandra Röhricht and Philippe Golder for FORWARDIS GmbH and Nicholas Giraud for FORWARDIS SA.

For Sylvie Charles, General Manager of SNCF Logistics’ Rail and Intermodal Business Unit, “the creation of FORWARDIS is an additional asset for increasing access to rail and capturing new markets”.