3 days in Poland and in Belarus

A part of the Sales and Customer Support Teams of Forwardis Germany spent 3 days in Poland and in Belarus early June. The aim of the trip was to get together with the team and meet some of our partners. The teams met up in Zalesie and split into two sub-groups so as not to be too crowded during the visits. While one part of the team discovered the Transgaz Terminal, the other received training with PKP Cargo. Next, a visit to the Aleksandra Terminal (Trasa) and the Chotylow, Malaszewicze and Kobylany railway stations.

On the last day (for a part of the group), while some were heading back to Warsaw, Budapest, Frankfurt or Berlin, a few lucky ones made them on their way to the city of Brest in Belarus.

In Brest they visit the famous container terminal and met the people from Беларуская чыгунка (БЧ)( Belarusian railway! On the next day in Brest they visit the terminal of WestTransExpedition in Lyschitsy– a terminal on the other side of the EU border, where they have also 1435mm track gauges and can make transloading of different goods. The whole team would like to thank its partners PKP Cargo Connect, Transgaz terminal,  Terminal Aleksandra , Terminal Zapadtransekspedicija and Belarussian Railways for these enriching and instructive moments for all concerned.

For the Forwardis GmbH team, it was an opportunity to get together, strengthen team cohesion and improve the professional qualification.